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From its humble beginnings in the quaint Hudson River town of Piermont, New York, Olar was known for serving up rustic Neapolitan pies, classic Spanish tapas, and hand crafted pastas that drew in both locals and foodies from all parts of New Jersey, upstate New York, and New York City and kept them coming back for over a decade.

Known for creating a cornucopia of daily specials to accompany the usual menu suspects, Olar would harness the seasons and produce dishes that would celebrate abundance, freshness, and flavor.

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Now in its new location in Northvale, New Jersey, the restaurant, now known as Olar Noso - which means "our home" in Galego, the language spoken in Galicia where the Dominguez family is from - is an evolution in not only name alone.

Remaining true to the restaurant's roots, the owners, Matthew and Marcus Dominguez along with their childhood friend Alex Dillon, have created a bright and vibrant space full of infectious energy, buzzing conversations, lively music, and mouth watering aromas.

They have managed to scale the restaurant concept generously while replicating the quality and preserving the reputation the former Olar had garnered over the years. Evolving into Olar Noso meant giving Olar's loyal customers everything they loved, while also enhancing their experience with more seating, more elbow room, a full bar, a private event space, and, finally, ample parking.

Through many decades in the business, the Dominguez boys have fostered strong relationships with specialty Spanish and Italian purveyors for unique foreign ingredients, local farms to source the freshest produce and herbs, and meat and fish market purveyors for the highest quality seafood and organic meat, poultry, and game.


Drawing inspiration from what the markets have to offer each week, the restauranteurs and their talented team create dishes that celebrate seasonality and embrace the culture and richness of Mediterranean cuisine.


A carefully curated wine list, craft beers, inventive specialty cocktails, and their famous sangria round out the offerings.

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we strongly recommend making a reservation, however, walk-ins are welcome. please call us in advance to book a table

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established 2010 reimagined 2021

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